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    UPDATES No.1 10.01.2014.


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    UPDATES No.1 10.01.2014.

    Post by Marko on 9/1/2014, 14:21

    Today's updates:
    Mechanic Job - Get in a car (with a driver ) as a front passenger to repair it
    Drugs Dealer Job - /sell
    Police Job - /offerbribe
    Taxi Driver - Drive passengers for money
    Gangs Job - In vehicle use /startjob (There will be notice for it, it not works in all vehicles)

    Tomorrow's updates will be:
    Bank Rob - with crack
    New Gang System
    New Spawn System


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    Re: UPDATES No.1 10.01.2014.

    Post by Niko on 10/1/2014, 03:34

    thanks for making Scripts, good luck in your future.
    good job  geek  Very Happy 

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